XQTD is a multi disciplinary firm specialized in a variety of design sectors which include custom building design, prefabricated building design, furniture design, garment design and product design.
We are active in three continents with contacts in US, Europe and Asia.
XQTD stands for Extreme Quest for Technology and Design; our problem solving approach always includes a conscious and organic research leading to the simplest solution in pioneering design while making use of proven technologies. Every project sets apart from the rest for integrity and conceptualization, and promotes sophisticated ideas broken down by a simple and logical approach. Many of our designs hold Patents both in the Utility and Design  sectors.

Our activities are an enjoyable and poetic problem solving process streamlined into shapes and forms born out of pure rational thinking.
XQTD inventiveness is driven by a tormenting desire to improve anything in the built environment with realistic parameters and concrete execution.

Custom Luxury Prefabrication

Creator of all our Brands

Tennis Teaching Aid

performance driven sportswear

Luxury Timepieces

Prefabricated Homes



Innovative delivery box for crisp & warm pizza


Lifestyle brand where minimalism is paramount